Parish Board of Announcements


The Gleadless Foodbank is currently closed, and their clients are being served by the Handsworth Foodbank at Grace Church.  We are therefore taking our collections to Handsworth until further notice.  I dropped the food off this week – they have a café and food collection point, and they were very grateful for our donations.  Their current shortage is for tinned fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.  Toilet rolls and toiletries are also required, but they are well stocked on beans and pasta. Thank you for your continued support

Tea & Coffee at OLOL

There will be no tea and coffee after Sunday mass for two weeks.  We will be open for chat and a cuppa again on 7 January 2024.

Card Payments at Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Theresa’s

As we are living in an increasingly cashless society, there is now the option of donating/giving to the collection by credit or debit card instead of cash.  This option is already available in several Churches in the Diocese. You can also make purchases from the Piety Stall using your smart phone and the QR code displayed by the stall. 



Mobile Phones

Please remember to put your mobile phone on “silent” while you are in Church.  Thank you.

The Light Project Recovery from Domestic Abuse

Caritas Hallam is a Charity dedicated to promoting well-being and good mental health and offers free counselling and support to those who have experienced Domestic Abuse. It can offer free;
Individual Counselling: through a programme of free, weekly counselling sessions, with the same counsellor. Explore how you are feeling and discuss your experiences in a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental environment. Sessions are available online and in person.
Women’s Well-being Programme: This 6-week well-being programme covers a range of topics, from rebuilding self-esteem to understanding the effects of stress. Available online and in person.
Freedom Programme: This is an 11-week support group for those who have experienced domestic abuse, (past or present). N.B. Domestic abuse is not only between couples; it can also occur between a parent and child, or another relative. The term domestic abuse covers not only physical violence but psychological and financial abuse. For more information, please contact Janet on 07927657462 or [email protected]


Entrance to St. Theresa’s

Please note that to conserve heat the main door into St. Theresa’s will not be opened during the winter months. The side door opposite the school, leading from the car park will be open. Thank you.

Free Wellbeing Course for Women

A free six-week course for a happier and more relaxed you.
Starting for six weekly sessions from Wednesday 22rd November 2023
online at  10am
Join us to explore;
– Emotional Self-care – Emotional self-care allows us to take to
take time to benefit our health and well-being.
– Thinking about putting your own needs first – building your
– Being more assertive and setting boundaries –
communicating  more effectively at home and work.
– Stress and relaxation techniques – learning new skills for a
more relaxed you.
– Build resilience and recover from trauma – To move forward in
your life.
Come and join us for these relaxed, friendly and supportive sessions!

For more information and to book in please contact
Janet Kent on 07927657462 [email protected]


St. Theresa’s toilets

The Church toilets at St. Theresa’s are closed during Holy Mass.

Alternative toilet facilities are available in the Parish Hall.