The Light Project Recovery from Domestic Abuse

Caritas Hallam is a Charity dedicated to promoting well-being and good mental health and offers free counselling and support to those who have experienced Domestic Abuse. It can offer free;
Individual Counselling: through a programme of free, weekly counselling sessions, with the same counsellor. Explore how you are feeling and discuss your experiences in a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental environment. Sessions are available online and in person.
Women’s Well-being Programme: This 6-week well-being programme covers a range of topics, from rebuilding self-esteem to understanding the effects of stress. Available online and in person.
Freedom Programme: This is an 11-week support group for those who have experienced domestic abuse, (past or present). N.B. Domestic abuse is not only between couples; it can also occur between a parent and child, or another relative. The term domestic abuse covers not only physical violence but psychological and financial abuse. For more information, please contact Janet on 07927657462 or [email protected]